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Dealing with skin breakouts

Updated: May 9

As a personality in the entertainment industry I must always make sure that I look my personal best ,however because I am human, I have issues that need to be dealt with, like an occasional breakout. When you want to look good, it is essential that your skin looks good. Unfortunately, most of us  are confronted with a breakout now and then and usually at the most in opportune times in our life as before a special event or big occasion.   I have experienced this all too many times. 

 One solution I have tried is to blast the problem area with a product that is called bye bye blemish drying lotion. I usually do it at nite and glob it on. When I wake up the problem is either much better or gone. It is not expensive and it works. #Blemishes #skinissues #ByebyeBlemishes #DonnaSpangler #quickshinfixes #breakouts #greatskin #pimples #Donnaspanglerbeauty #donnasadvice

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