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Donna Spangler




Stats: 5 feet 7.5

Blonde/ Blue-green eyes

Location: Beverly Hills

Donna Spangler Bio


Donna Spangler is a multi-talented individual residing in Beverly Hills. A former playboy model, Donna is also an actress, filmmaker, producer, writer, and blogger.


As a Producer: Donna has a wide range of talents and loves creating all types of movies including comedies, supernatural and family films. 

Most recently Donna has produced and is one of the stars of "Amityville Witches", horror film in which three good witches come out of hiding to rescue their niece from the clutches of a rival evil witch.

She has completed "Beverly Hills Christmas  2" which is available on various online platforms including TUBi


Donna started off doing web episodes in 1999 when no one was doing them. She wrote, shot and edited them calling the series SCANDALS.  Later she produced feature length films.


 Donna is know for producing the campy cult classic "Space Girls in Beverly Hills" a comedy about 3 space aliens who land in Beverly Hills.  As featured in Scy Fi magazine.


In continuing with her successful experiences in film and production  Her many projects  include: The pop culture supernatural indie film "American Poltergeist" about the infamous Lizzie Borden haunting at a fall rivers Massachusetts which will be released in 2015 


and  The release of the family film "A Beverly Hills Christmas" which she produced and stared in with Dean Cain. It was released on UP TV November 1-7 2015  and will be screening on UP Tv till 2017 with a possible Beverly Hills Christmas 2 in the works. #BeverlyHillsChristmas


Donna is also working on another supernatural movie project as well as 2 TV projects, one about pets and the other a reality rehab show.


 Donna will be traveling to Italy in March 2016 to act in a movie directed by Brian Skiba about the Russian Sleep experiment.  The acting will be a supporting role , secretary to the lead bad guy. #RussianSleepExperiment



 Beauty Expert: Donna has been involved in the field of beauty for many years. She started her career when she was discovered as a model while attending UCLA. She has been well known for her appearances in many Magazines and in her lucrative career, she has also been a model for posters, billboards campaigns, calendars, catalogues and commercials. #BeautyExpert


As a beauty expert and fitness enthusiast, Donna promotes a philosophy of integral wellness through understanding the needs of our mind and body. She currently writes for a series of popular magazines and blogs, where she shares her expertise on all things related to beauty, health, fitness, glamour, and relationships. Through her writing, Donna strives to empower females by providing the knowledge and information requisite for healthy living, ageless beauty, and an overall stronger self-image. #FitnessEnthusiast


Fitness Enthusiast: Donna has participated in several fitness contests including over 40 bikini where she won first place. Additionally, placing second in miss Century city fitness. She lifts weights 3 times a week and takes tae quoon do 2 times a week and is  currently a brown belt. #BikinniFitness 


Author:  Donna is a relationship authority and author of the popular self-help manual: The Princess Formula.  The book has been released in several different languages and gave Donna the opportunity to tour Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe and Germany. In her upcoming beauty and wellness book, Donna will focus on harnessing our inner and outer resources to be as beautiful, confident, and comfortable in our own skin as we possibly can while encouraging women to strive towards their ideal no matter what age. #authorDonnaSpangler 


Blogger: Donna blogg's regularly for the popular woman's online magazine "Its a Glam Thing"  dishing on the latest beauty secrets and products available as well as fitness and health tips.  She also works with "LA Splash" online magazine Beauty health fitness and celebrity interviews and reviews. Formerly she was a corespondent for the international magazine "Rouge" dishing on Beverly hills life and celebrity interviews. #LaSplash #ItsAglamThing 

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